Carpet Cleaning: Get Mold Off Your Carpet

Mold growing on your carpet? It is necessary to remove them as soon as possible because it may cause serious health issues. Mold is very small and scrubbing will not help in removing mold spores. And in hectic lifestyle people prefer to search for the only alternative “carpet cleaning near me” on the internet. However, hiring an expert to remove mold from your carpet and keep it spotless is a wise choice. A professional at Carpet cleaning Stirling knows how to deal with this mold and makes things easy for you.  

Removing Mold From Your Carpet Is A Tedious Task. Let Us Know How To Deal With It.

Removing mold from any other surface is easy as it only needs a simple cleaning spray. But when it comes to your carpet, it is a tedious task and requires deep cleaning. Firstly let us understand what mold is.

What Is Mold And How It Grows On Carpet?

Mold is tiny and naturally found in the air. It can travel to your home through doors, windows. And as they found moist condition in your home they start growing. And dust particles provide an additional environment for them to grow.

Carpets that are specially kept in wet areas provide a perfect environment to hide the mold. And once they adapt the favorable condition to grow then it will visible in only 2-3 weeks. And they grow very faster under the carpet’s surface.

What Damage They Do To The Carpet?

Though it is difficult to find mold before it is visible. But if you even notice that your carpet is wet or has a musty smell, it is time when you need to take care of the carpet. If mold develops on the surface of the carpet they damage the floor and baseboard of the carpet and leads to discoloration. Taking carpet cleaning service can save your carpet from further damage.

Why It Is A Serious Problem?

Mold releases allergens and toxic substances. Mold in the house when untreated can impact your health. Also, it negatively impacts the air quality indoor. People allergic to mold suffer from respiratory illness and more severe asthma. When you have kids at home, they often play on the floor. If this mold is touched or inhale can cause coughing and infection.

What Is The Solution?

  1. The aim is to prevent their growth to other parts of the home and carpet. Well ventilate your home and let the carpet dry out properly.
  2. Scrub the affected area and try to clean as much as possible from your side.
  3. Use a steam cleaner and not a vacuum cleaner.
  4. Vinegar and baking soda mixture can kill some mold.
  5. Take assistance from a professional carpet cleaning Stirling company.


As prevention is the best way to keep the interior free from mold growth. If you opt for carpet cleaning services, then they will inspect and identify the cause. And tell if the carpet needs replacement or any possibility of cleaning and saving it from mold.

How To Disinfect Carpets Without A Steam Cleaning?

Simply put, yes, it is possible to keep your beautiful carpets clean without bringing them in a heavy steam cleaner. In this world, where we have high expectations of our rent steam cleaners and vacuums, it is best to step back and remember that there are some efficient tricks to keep your carpet dust-free without using machines. 

Fortunately, you can adopt this easy technique by which you can disinfect your Carpet. This blog will make you understand how you can quickly disinfect and clean your Carpet without the assistance of a steam cleaner.

Ingredients and Tools that you require

  • Scrub brush
  • Bucket
  • Old rag
  • Liquid detergent (liquid dish soap)
  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda

 It would help if you prepared the area.

 You have to remove all your furniture and smaller rugs from the area to disinfect your Carpet quickly. Then you can go vacuuming your Carpet to remove all the dirt, dust, and debris.

After that, sprinkle the baking on the Carpet just after the vacuuming procedure and let the soda remove the dirt within few minutes. Meanwhile, you can make your cleaning mixture. 

Concoct the liquid mixture

What you have to do is? Mix the dish soap, vinegar, and cold water in equal parts in a bucket, until the liquid turns foamy. Put the solution on a small area of the Carpet to check whether it is working or not, causing discoloration. Only use this mixture if it does not discolors. 

Scrub and rinse the carpet with cold water

Take a clean rag that must be wet with cold water, and then scrub the Carpet from its corner. What will this do is? Pick the dust or dirt easily which the solution has removed. 

Dry the carpet

Make sure you try this technique on a hot day so that the drawing process speeds up. If not possible, you can use a fan to help you with the drying process.

Vacuum the carpet

The process of disinfecting you’re started begins with vacuuming and also ends with the same. All the excess residue which is leftover from the cleaning mixture will remove, and you can enjoy a fresh and clean carpet.

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Although having a clean carpet at home is not a big deal, lack of time and the correct method of cleaning can make your job tough. So, if you think you don’t have the right tools to clean it on your own, leave it to the professionals. Also, you can’t do this on -daily basis? Not possible! As a working person, you cannot always go for the “DIY technique.” It is suitable for you to hire Carpet cleaning Stirling experts and let professionals do their work with perfection. What do you say?