What Are The Top 7 Natural Methods To Clean Carpet

Whether you have children or pets in your home playing around everywhere or you are messing with your home by walking and wearing your dirty shoes. But, you don’t know maybe that your carpets are trapping all the dirt in itself. And, stains are also getting visible ruining your carpet’s appearance.

Of course, you don’t want to make things worse by using harsh cleaning solutions. And, that’s the reason you should opt for natural methods for carpet cleaning. 

In this article, we have brought the top 7 natural methods for carpet cleaning. The products that we will share further in the article are easily available. You can use this product in your daily life. You don’t have to take the help of professionals, you have enough on your own for your carpets. So, let’s dive into the article to get to know about the 7 natural methods for carpet cleaning.

When you are doing the cleaning of your carpets yourself, then, you should always check the spots. After checking, if you find any spots on your carpet, then, treat them using any cleansing product. Always check by applying the product in the smaller area to ensure that no harm will be caused to your carpets. If you are buying the cleansing product from the market, then, check for the suitability. Another thing to keep in mind is instead of rubbing, you should do dabbing or blotting gently. As rubbing can spread the stain more on the other areas of the carpets.

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Natural methods for carpet cleaning:-

  1. Steam vapor: Using water straightly is a very easy method to keep the carpets clean. No need to use any harmful chemicals, just plain water. You don’t have to worry about any damage like discoloration. As no chemicals are used, and no harmful effects are seen. You must not be having the cleaning equipment handy to try these natural methods for carpet cleaning. But, not to worry because the tools are easily available in the market, so you can buy and try them out.
  2. Water, vinegar, and salt: Another in the list of natural methods for carpet cleaning to use is water, vinegar, and salt solution. It is an effective mixture for cleaning the carpets. Like commercially available carpets they are not harmful, as the mixture is totally made up of natural ingredients, so, nothing to worry about. For making the mixture you need water, vinegar or salt in a spray bottle. If you want to make your carpet smell fresh, then, you can add on some drops of essential ointments of lavender. Use the mixture and remove it easily from your carpets.
  3. Baking soda, vinegar, or water: Using baking soda, vinegar, or water solution is also present in our list of natural methods for carpet cleaning. The process is very similar to the water, vinegar, or salt technique, but you don’t have to add baking soda to the vinegar solution, rather you need to spread it on the carpets after spraying the vinegar or water solution.
  4. Salt, borax, or vinegar: You can also use salt, borax, or vinegar for cleaning your carpets. All you have to do is to mix all the ingredients in equal parts. Then, mix them properly and spray the mixture on top of the stains.
  5. Baking soda, cornstarch, cornmeal, or borax: Another natural method for carpet cleaning is using the mixture of baking soda, cornstarch, cornmeal, or borax. The process is the same, just mix, spray, and clean.
  6. Pet stain or odor remover: You can use any pet stain or odor remover to clean your carpets. Many pet stains or odor removers are available in the market, buy any eco-friendly one and use it.
  7. Biodegradable cleaner: There are many biodegradable carpet cleaners available, you can use them for cleaning.


So, these are the 7 natural methods for carpet cleaning. We hope that this guide has helped you a lot to know how you can clean your carpets with the help of natural methods.

How Often Are Hotel Carpets Cleaned?

Carpets in hotels generally pack densely, i.e., more yarn per square inch. The reason behind this is to make them stronger and more durable. But hotel carpets feature loud patterns with lots of color and contrast, especially in corridors where stains are more visible. Taking Carpet Cleaning Stirling plays a significant role in removing those stains and ensuring the guest keep coming back. After all, the impression is everything in this kind of business. Here, we will discuss the frequency of cleaning and maintenance for carpets in hotels.

The Frequency Of Cleaning Depends On-

How often carpets should be clean for hotels depends on various factors; however, some of them are following:

Location Of The Hotel:

Consider your hotel is located in an area where snowfall, harsh winter, or rainfall occurs. Winter slush, wet umbrellas, muddy paws from the customers let all the allergens and dust particles sit on the carpet’s surface. In addition, exposure to direct sun in the lobby’s carpet also causes damage to the carpet. So, in such weather conditions, you need frequent carpet cleaning. The experts recommend cleaning the carpet once every three months.

Foot Traffic That Carpet Received:

Say, in the hotel, you have carpeted areas in the office, rooms, lobby, hallways, etc. Here, the foot traffic in the lobby will differ from that in the office. So overall, the idea is to decide based on the location where foot traffic is more. In this situation, divide the hotel into heavy traffic areas- cleaning frequency 1-2 times a month, moderate traffic- 3-4 times a year, and minimum traffic clean at least twice a year.

Types Of Carpeting:

Widely carpets are either synthetic fibres such as nylon, polyester, etc., or natural materials such as wool, silk, jute, etc. Synthetic fibres are more durable and for rough and tuff use than natural fibres. However, some of these fibres wool, for example, are much stubborn with stains as well as foot traffic. On the other hand, cotton is more prone to damage. So, types of carpeting also need to consider while cleaning.

How Do You Carpet Care And Maintenance In The Hotel?

Carpet is an essential investment, both in terms of reputation and to invite the consumer. So, apart from cleaning frequency, you should know how to maintain it.

  • Install mats or rugs at the entrance to avoid soil directly contacting the carpet surface.
  • Vacuum daily in high traffic areas and alternate days in low traffic areas.
  • Don’t ignore any spots and stains, and carefully immediately remove them.
  • Try to schedule carpet cleaning Stirling services frequently and choose the best for this work.


Every season customers come and go, but you should ensure the carpet look remains in pristine condition. So, hire a carpet cleaning service to keep your carpet at its best quality and preserve your investment.

Is Expensive Carpet Cleaning Worth the Cost?

Not a single individual can ignore the significance of professional carpet cleaning Stirling services. Also, many reputed companies are providing their cleaning facilities and everyone has to compete with others. 

For staying ahead in the business, many organizations have come up with innovations that clients can obtain, by paying additional charges.

Being a customer, do you need to choose such services? Does it offer better results? Continue to read to discover the answers.

Carpet Drying Facility:

Many carpet cleaning facilities utilize dry cleaning techniques also. However, this demonstrates there is no requirement for rinsing carpets, and drying does not appear like a big issue. Besides, the latest cleaning technique known as steam cleaning may have a more liquid solution which increases the drying time. Moreover, you need to hire drying services if you don’t have enough time and require carpet to dry for attending a big event. Also, if there is no complication then this additional expense is not considered an important one.

Eco Cleansing Facility:

The Eco-friendly carpet cleaning facility utilizes delicate cleaning compounds offering complete protection to carpet fibers. However, these cleaning compounds do not contain any harsh elements which can harm individuals or cause skin issues.

If you want to experience gentle cleaning that does not harm the fibers of carpets then choosing this service is the right choice. Moreover, this is helpful for a home where there are kids, carpets made with unique and soft fibers. Also, it does not cause any damage to healthy surroundings, making people choose eco-friendly administrations.

Protecting Layers:

Few carpets experience more wear and tear than others such as carpets in public monuments, government buildings, and commercial spaces. However, such carpets capture dust quickly, accumulate soil, and experience heavy foot traffic making them ready for professional carpet cleaning Stirling

Many cleaning organizations let their clients choose specialized protecting shield benefits that protect the carpet from becoming dirty quickly. It stretches out the cleaning time meaning you don’t need to clean the carpet more often. 

However, this is a great alternative if your carpet needs thorough cleaning but not a great choice for those who consider it a waste of money.

Every day, organizations give a thought to provide unique services to their customers making them stand apart from others. Also, not every service works for earning money, few works as per their wordings and offer quality results.

The correct way for discovering the details regarding new and creative services is to check the advantages of overcoming additional expenses. Lastly, a reputed carpet cleaning firm holds years of experience, has trained staff, and makes use of modernized cleaning techniques. You need to book an appointment for hiring professional carpet cleaning services today.

Carpet Cleaning: Get Mold Off Your Carpet

Mold growing on your carpet? It is necessary to remove them as soon as possible because it may cause serious health issues. Mold is very small and scrubbing will not help in removing mold spores. And in hectic lifestyle people prefer to search for the only alternative “carpet cleaning near me” on the internet. However, hiring an expert to remove mold from your carpet and keep it spotless is a wise choice. A professional at Carpet cleaning Stirling knows how to deal with this mold and makes things easy for you.  

Removing Mold From Your Carpet Is A Tedious Task. Let Us Know How To Deal With It.

Removing mold from any other surface is easy as it only needs a simple cleaning spray. But when it comes to your carpet, it is a tedious task and requires deep cleaning. Firstly let us understand what mold is.

What Is Mold And How It Grows On Carpet?

Mold is tiny and naturally found in the air. It can travel to your home through doors, windows. And as they found moist condition in your home they start growing. And dust particles provide an additional environment for them to grow.

Carpets that are specially kept in wet areas provide a perfect environment to hide the mold. And once they adapt the favorable condition to grow then it will visible in only 2-3 weeks. And they grow very faster under the carpet’s surface.

What Damage They Do To The Carpet?

Though it is difficult to find mold before it is visible. But if you even notice that your carpet is wet or has a musty smell, it is time when you need to take care of the carpet. If mold develops on the surface of the carpet they damage the floor and baseboard of the carpet and leads to discoloration. Taking carpet cleaning service can save your carpet from further damage.

Why It Is A Serious Problem?

Mold releases allergens and toxic substances. Mold in the house when untreated can impact your health. Also, it negatively impacts the air quality indoor. People allergic to mold suffer from respiratory illness and more severe asthma. When you have kids at home, they often play on the floor. If this mold is touched or inhale can cause coughing and infection.

What Is The Solution?

  1. The aim is to prevent their growth to other parts of the home and carpet. Well ventilate your home and let the carpet dry out properly.
  2. Scrub the affected area and try to clean as much as possible from your side.
  3. Use a steam cleaner and not a vacuum cleaner.
  4. Vinegar and baking soda mixture can kill some mold.
  5. Take assistance from a professional carpet cleaning Stirling company.


As prevention is the best way to keep the interior free from mold growth. If you opt for carpet cleaning services, then they will inspect and identify the cause. And tell if the carpet needs replacement or any possibility of cleaning and saving it from mold.

How To Disinfect Carpets Without A Steam Cleaning?

Simply put, yes, it is possible to keep your beautiful carpets clean without bringing them in a heavy steam cleaner. In this world, where we have high expectations of our rent steam cleaners and vacuums, it is best to step back and remember that there are some efficient tricks to keep your carpet dust-free without using machines. 

Fortunately, you can adopt this easy technique by which you can disinfect your Carpet. This blog will make you understand how you can quickly disinfect and clean your Carpet without the assistance of a steam cleaner.

Ingredients and Tools that you require

  • Scrub brush
  • Bucket
  • Old rag
  • Liquid detergent (liquid dish soap)
  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda

 It would help if you prepared the area.

 You have to remove all your furniture and smaller rugs from the area to disinfect your Carpet quickly. Then you can go vacuuming your Carpet to remove all the dirt, dust, and debris.

After that, sprinkle the baking on the Carpet just after the vacuuming procedure and let the soda remove the dirt within few minutes. Meanwhile, you can make your cleaning mixture. 

Concoct the liquid mixture

What you have to do is? Mix the dish soap, vinegar, and cold water in equal parts in a bucket, until the liquid turns foamy. Put the solution on a small area of the Carpet to check whether it is working or not, causing discoloration. Only use this mixture if it does not discolors. 

Scrub and rinse the carpet with cold water

Take a clean rag that must be wet with cold water, and then scrub the Carpet from its corner. What will this do is? Pick the dust or dirt easily which the solution has removed. 

Dry the carpet

Make sure you try this technique on a hot day so that the drawing process speeds up. If not possible, you can use a fan to help you with the drying process.

Vacuum the carpet

The process of disinfecting you’re started begins with vacuuming and also ends with the same. All the excess residue which is leftover from the cleaning mixture will remove, and you can enjoy a fresh and clean carpet.

Call us to discuss your carpet cleaning needs today.

Although having a clean carpet at home is not a big deal, lack of time and the correct method of cleaning can make your job tough. So, if you think you don’t have the right tools to clean it on your own, leave it to the professionals. Also, you can’t do this on -daily basis? Not possible! As a working person, you cannot always go for the “DIY technique.” It is suitable for you to hire Carpet cleaning Stirling experts and let professionals do their work with perfection. What do you say?

Carpet Cleaning Methods Used By Professionals

Most of us are attempting to scrub our carpets ourselves in the hopes of saving money. Despite the fact that Do-It-Yourself carpet cleaning has a number of benefits, it does have limitations at times. If you want to clean carpets on your own, you must understand the differences in carpet fibers and design. As well as which cleaning product is best for which cleaning task. Sure, you could clean your carpet thoroughly yourself! But with expert carpet expertise, powerful equipment, and cleaning solutions, you won’t have to. Professional Carpet Cleaning Stirling say service providers will do a lot better job with even less hassle, allowing you to focus on other things. Here, we are sharing Carpet Cleaning Methods Used by Professionals:

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

Using state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, a skilled cleaner can steam clean your carpet. Experts use high-quality hot water extraction (steam cleaning) equipment to ensure high levels of heat and suction, which improves performance. With top-of-the-line large truck-mounted steam extraction machines and high-heat, compact portable carpet cleaning machines, no expense has been spared.


Because of its efficient cleaning efficiency and simplicity (it does not require drying time), this is one of the most recent cleaning methods. It has gained increasing popularity and acceptance from leading carpet manufacturers. This entails the use of advanced machines to clean carpets using newly developed chemical technologies. It allows for no moisture or very low moisture cleaning, resulting in carpet beautification and the elimination of stains, dirt, sand, and allergens.

Carpet Shampooing

While shampooing carpets appear to clean heavily soiled carpets. The technology’s only disadvantage is that it includes a high amount of wet foam residues left in the carpet. In addition the fact that it takes a long time to dry. Since there is no rinsing after shampooing, the carpet becomes stinky as it dries. Also, the rapid re-soiling of the carpet makes this process less common than the others.


Preconditioning agents are applied hot to the carpet early in the process. They have more time to bind with the soil particles and are easier to extract later. This aids in the removal of stubborn mud. The type of preconditioning agent to use is determined by the carpet’s fabric. Alkaline treatments are recommended for working with synthetic fiber carpets. Woolen carpets can be disinfected with mildly acidic solutions including liquid acetic acid.


This approach is similar to shampooing in that it relies on the brushing action, which is usually counter-rotating cylindrical brushes. The only distinction is that the solution is whipped into a foam and sprayed just before the brushes, rather than becoming a liquid.


These are the basic methods that can help you to clean dirty carpets. During the covid 19 pandemics, many people are preferring to do the cleaning on their own. However, professional help can make this task easy for you. You can look for the local carpet cleaning experts in Stirling for these services.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Without Taking Professional Help

Nothing would be more satisfactory and soothing for the owner of any premise. Coming from a long workday to home and see their carpet deep cleaned. Carpets are an essential décor element of every premise whether it is residential or a commercial one. You will find carpets everywhere! Although, keeping a carpet around your living area adds comfort to your life. But keeping them neat and clean is also the most difficult and hard working task.

Although in the course of time, your carpet may get stains due to food items. Different wine spots or dust may have accumulated in your carpet due to lack of deep cleaning. These things of course turn off your comfort from the carpet. Therefore, you must definitely keep a record of cleaning your carpet consistently.

Local Carpet Cleaning Stirling is an expert in giving carpet cleaning services for a very long time and has come up with so many tips & tricks. Well! If you follow them consistently and pay attention to maintaining the goodness of your carpet, these carpets will never miss their spark and comfiness. In this article, Our professional experts have mentioned some tips that can make your task easy.

Here are the 5 ways to clean your elegant carpets at your home:

  1. Steam Up Your Carpet:

Your carpets are made with very diligent and soft fabrics. However, to maintain this softness you must be very diligent while cleaning them. Washing your carpets with hot water can damage the fabric and reduce the spark of your carpets. Therefore, experts at Carpet Cleaning Stirling believe that steaming your carpet would be the best option. Simply steaming your carpet can remove about 90% of dirt and can make your carpet bacteria-free!

  1. Make Sure To Use Freshwater & Less Pressure While Cleaning:

Carpet Cleaning Stirling pays special attention to “What kind of water you are using? and How much pressure you are putting while cleaning?”. Our local experts team suggest using only fresh water on every process of steam or extraction. Freshwater goes deep into the carpet and removes dirt completely. Apart from using fresh water, don’t rush while you are washing the carpet as it will put a lot of pressure on the carpet’s fabrics.

  1. Fight Those Tough Stains:

Stains on your carpet can give your beautiful carpets an ugly look! Carpets add spark to the corners of your premises, only if they are stainless. Experts at Carpet Cleaning Stirling says, if the stain is fresh, then prefer using soda over the spotted place. Remember to rub the stains smoothly and rinse them off. Before applying keep the fabric of the carpet in your mind. Strictly follow the instructions and washing guidelines that come with your carpet. Make sure you only blot at the stained spot and cleanse rather than scrubbing it.

  1. It’s Time To Remove Those Pet Furs:

Pets are the most innocent creatures and are found in almost every home. While your pet is playing around the home, you must be aware they might leave their furs on the carpet. Their furs can stick easily in the fabrics of your carpets. Therefore, experts at Carpet Cleaning in Stirling Company recommend using a lint brush to clean the furs from the carpet. Pay extra attention to where your pets sit the most and use the brush wisely over the area.

  1. Vacuum the right way:

Don’t fall for the rumours that daily vacuuming your carpet will damage it. Moreover, regular vacuuming the carpet will never let the dust make layers on the carpet and maintain its cleanliness. However, experts suggest that before you start vacuuming look for objects like coins that may disrupt in between. While vacuuming, don’t rush and slowly pass the vacuum cleaner back and forth slowly.

Why Should You Not Take Carpet Cleaning Service Lightly?

Okay before we start, tell me one thing, what brought you to this blog. Was this a random link that popped on your screen or did you reach here through a Google search that helped you to land upon this blog? Well, if it’s a random link then it is your lucky day because you may just have ended up at a place where you are going to learn a lot of new important things about cleaning your carpet. On the other hand, if you searched for carpet cleaning Stirling, then your search brought you to a really important resource. 

Now, let us first answer the most basic question, why clean a carpet. After all, you can easily buy a new one. If you are one of those people who think like that, I would request you to stop reading and think about it for a second. Why spend so much money and end up with something which is going to end up dirty at the end of the day. 

Some people must be thinking that they should rather invest in some cheap carpet which they can easily replace. Well, if you are one of those then I think you are beyond redemption. So I bid adieu to you. Now, I address the population who is here to learn the real thing. 

Let’s look at how the carpet cleaning process works. 

So, first, let us look at the problem that causes you to hire a carpet cleaning company. The problem usually is a dirty carpet which has reached this stage because of either spillage or a stain or even the dirt that gets collected in the carpet which reaches there because of the shoes that people very stupidly bring through, once they walk into your home. All these things not only make your carpet look dirty and bad but also reduce its longevity. This should be a good enough reason to fix the carpet. 

Now, when you see a carpet that is dirty, you should go ahead and get it cleaned. For this, you would need to hire the right carpet cleaning service. Such a service will help you to clean your carpet thoroughly. 

Hiring the service is easier than you think. The carpet repair service is available easily, all you need to do is look for it. Go online, find a service that has a good rating. Visit the website of that service, look at their offerings and the way their customers react to them. These factors will help you to find out the right carpet cleaning service for yourself. 

Now you should go asking around from your friends and relatives, who have gone through the same problems. They will guide you to the right company or service that will take care of all your problems. The experience of your close people is a perfect guide to finding the right service. This way the chances of ending up with the wrong service go really low. 

Also, keep your mind open while hiring such a service. Most of the people I know would judge a service on the basis of the cost that it incurs. Do not go for the highest-priced or the lowest priced services only on the basis of this factor alone. Look beyond this and examine the service deeply to understand whether to hire it or not. 

So after reading this you must have understood why you should not take Carpet Cleaning Stirling lightly. Thinking about it properly and giving it the right importance will help you take care of your carpet properly, in the right manner.

Why Green Carpet Cleaning Can Be A Better Option

Cleaning the carpet at a regular interval can help in keeping the environment more healthy and hygienic. Carpet has a tendency to absorb all the dirt and debris present in the house. No matter how much we clean still the dirt partials manage to sustain at the upper part of the carpet making it look dirtier and began to show age. The life of the carpet can be further extended by avoiding the harmful and toxic chemicals which are wildly available in the markets. As an alternative green carpet cleaner can be used to have a healthy and chemical-free environment. 

Here are Few Advantages of Using Green Carpet Cleaners:

  • Safe Environment
    The usage of green carpet cleaner ensures the safety of the family since the materials used in the cleaners are all organics and chemical-free substances keeping the family member healthier. These green carpet cleaners can be used more often for cleaning rather than chemical ones. This is caused by inhaling chemicals on regular basis and causing more health hazards. Green carpet cleaners are Eco-friendly and are all biodegradable substances. These green carpet cleaners ensure the complete health of the family members.

    There are a Number of Health Problems Create by The Chemical Products Such As:
    • Asthma Attacks
    • Sneezing
    • Headaches
    • Migraines
    • Coughing

  • Keeps Away from Air Pollution
    Chemical carpet cleaners can release harmful substances into the atmosphere during the cleaning process. These substances tend to sustain in the atmosphere for a long time by lingering into the walls even after the cleaning process. causing health problems for the family members. These substances can also form precipitate at the surface of the water that could be even more dangerous. Most carpet cleaning products are made with chemical substances that allow lifting stains into the carpet.
  • Fast Drying
    The time required for the drying of the carpet while using a regular solution would take around two to three days that can cause it to be inconvenient to walk on. Mold spores sustain in moist environments if the carpet is soaking for a few days then the mold is more likely a possibility. This can cause no worry upon the poisonous mold while using the green carpet cleaner. While green carpet cleaning it takes only a few hours to dry. By keeping the environment neat and clean also at a normal temperature level.

    Long Lasting Carpet Cleaning
  • Long-Lasting Carpet
    The fabric used for the manufacture of carpet absorbs more water which results in breakage. The green carpet cleaner requires a very less amount of water for cleaning purposes which helps in well maintaining the carpet for longer usage. Since there is no harmful chemical used no harm is caused for our loved ones and the members of the family. The above mentioned are the advantage of using the green carpet cleaning in Stirling over the harmful chemical solution. Using green carpet gives you a maximum safe and clean environment. Free from the chemical used by the regular cleaning solution.

Spilt Drinks are Disposed of by Professional Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet has to face a variety of difficulties whether it is stubborn stains or the hair of pets. All these things are in a way the enemy of its cleanliness. Drinks and other liquid stains work to reduce the beauty of our carpet day by day and also reduce the safety of our home environment because the bacteria produced by these things are harmful to our home. Most of the problems of such stains are caused by children because children spill liquids on our carpet while playing, after that the area becomes sticky and if we do not clean the area in time then it is sure to spread. Professionals believe that to prevent such stains, we can get rid of our problem by following the important facts mentioned in carpet cleaning and remodel your carpet for the beauty of the home and children’s play.

What Should We Do?

Now the next question comes before us, what should we use to eliminate these types of stains. To eliminate such stains, first of all, remember that whenever an object like liquid falls on our carpet, it reaches the fibers of the carpet very fast. Which not only spoils the top surface of our carpet but also starts ruining our fibers. Therefore, if such stains were cleaned in a timely manner, then it can increase the life of our carpet, which is an important part of professional carpet cleaning.

An Effective Part Of Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

  • In the process of cleaning the stain, firstly take detergent, white vinegar, and hot water and mix all three to prepare a solution.
  • Pour this solution into a spray bottle and spray it carefully over the stained area. Repeat this process regularly and follow it until the stain is completely removed.
  • After that let the stain dry and then start the process of cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners are considered an important carpet cleaning device as this device is mainly used to clean dirt accessing carpet fibers.
  • Many times there is a risk of spreading such stains and there are some things we should take caution to clean such stains.
  • For this take cold water and blot out the excess liquid. Then use the same mixture and leave the carpet to dry.
  • After that keep repeating this system until the stain is removed and then vacuum after drying.

Therefore, in this way, we can make our carpet free from stains and also can destroy the diseases caused by that stain. But before all these things, once we remember that checking the equipment we are using for cleaning our carpet is the hallmark of an efficient professional carpet cleaning in Stirling. So that it does not face any loss after washing.

Carpet Cleaning Services

What Special Do We Do With Your Carpet?

Every person is always concerned about the cleanliness of his carpet, but there is nothing to worry about it. The Carpet Cleaning Stirling works to remove your worries. We do carpet cleaning under the supervision of your carpet expert so that you can be completely satisfied with the cleanliness of your favorite carpet as well as use a clean, fresh, and germ-free home.